Immigrating Illegally Into The United States Of America

What is illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration to the United States of America is when foreign nationals violate the policies that the US has with regards to immigration. They also tend to break national laws once they get to enter or decide to stay in the United States without obtaining official or legal permission from the country’s Government officials.

In fact, it was actually in 2008 that the Center for Immigration Studies discovered that the illegal immigrants within the US are eleven million people, which is a number down from the 2007 amount of nearly thirteen million. The Pew Hispanic Center also did their own part of the research as they determined and segmented the illegal immigrants. After a couple of months, they found out that fifty-seven percent came from Mexico, twenty-four percent came from countries located in Latin America, specifically from Central America, while nine percent only came from Asia. Moreover, six percent came from Europe, and the remaining four percent came from the other areas in the world.

Illegal outpace the legal.

To date, the number of illegal immigrants continuously outpaces the number of legal ones. In fact, this has become a trend nowadays that is consistently held steady since the 90’s era. It is a fact that majority of today’s illegal aliens in the US decide to settle down in Hispanic communities, while illegal immigrants are fairly distributed all over the country. In fact, nearly fourteen million belong to families that have an unauthorized immigrant for the head of their household.

A positive side from this is that illegal immigrants in the previous years have started to bring much more educated people, as compared to the last decade. Furthermore, a quarter of all of the immigrants has had at least some partial college education. Still, unfortunately, whenever they are in a group, they tend to seem less educated, as compared to the other sectors of the US population. Statistically, forty-nine percent have not even completed their high school education.

Employment status

They have even started to work in more than one particular sector in the entire United States. Research conducted by the National Public Radio states that three percent works in the agriculture industry; thirty-three percent work in service industries, while substantial numbers are found working in construction companies.

What are sojourners?

Sojourners are illegal immigrants who do choose not to stay indefinitely and return to their country of origin. They are called sojourners since they only come to the United States of America for a couple of years and then eventually go back to their own nation.

How to become an illegal immigrant?

People can be considered as illegal immigrants when they fall under one category, among three. First of all, illegal immigration occurs when they enter a country without any proper authorization or inspection. Second, is when people stay beyond the period of time that they have been permitted to stay legally. And, third, is when they violate the set terms with regards to legal entry.

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